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The new album Say What!? is out now. Buy the CD here for only £9.99 (including postage & packing worldwide).

Further developing the sound from last years critically acclaimed album Schizophonic, Say What!? again features US rappers Akil Dasan and Gaston alongside an amazing new discovery, 21-year-old R&B sensation Adeline.
Geoff Wilkinson explains, “I normally like to change the vocalists on every Us3 album but Akil & Gaston did such a great job on Schizophonic I wanted to develop our relationship further. I think they’ve both stepped up a gear on Say What!?”. The addition of Adeline has also added a new contemporary R&B twist to the Us3 sound this time. “I was absolutely knocked out when I first heard her voice,” says Geoff, “The first time I spoke to Adeline I knew it would be a great musical marriage.”
As usual there’s some killer musicianship on show, particularly from the horn players Ed Jones (sax) and Chris Storr (trumpet). Up-and-coming double bass wizard Phil Donkin lays down the grooves, and keyboard duties are taken by Mike Gorman, Barry Green, John Crawford and Ross Stanley (of Nostalgia 77). DJ First Rate also provides his totally unique turntable trickery.
say you belong to meThe single Say You Belong To Me kicks off the album in raucous fashion. Bubbling bass, massive crunchy drums & stabbing horns underpin a fantastic vocal delivery from Adeline. Listen carefully to the clever lyrical dexterity of Akil on ABC as he runs through the alphabet from A to Z (and back!) with his rap (ie Akil Boldly Calculates Dope Elegant Flows, etc). Genius. Gaston turns up the heat in the bedroom on Afrodisiac, underpinned by lush strings and a swinging jazz break. One for the ladies indeed. VIP sees Akil & Adeline slamming the wannabes, and they’re joined by Gaston on the moody jazz epic The Day That I Died, where all 3 get into character as they contemplate their last day on earth.
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